Heroic Questions

If you supervise any front-line staff, you know the importance of getting the best out of each moment. Your time with each person is just as important as each session they spend with a family or individual.

While there is a lot of information about management on the web, we like to think of our front-line staff as they daily heroes. As such, there are several open-ended questions you should ask your heroes, to help them get the most out of their time. Below is a short list of some questions you can ask your heroes, to help them be the best they can!

  • What are the qualities that describe you when you are at your best?

  • Who’s the last person that has seen you at you very best?

  • What kind of person do these attributes describe?

  • How would others describe your best qualities?

  • How often do people get to see you at your best?

  • What are the things in your job that keep you from being at your best more often?

  • Who within our team wouldn’t be surprised to see you at your best?

  • What keeps you hopeful that your best will happen more often?

  • In your work who are the people that would move mountains for you if they could?

  • When is the last time you felt a sense of pride for what you were able to accomplish?

  • What about you do you respect the most?

  • When things don’t go your way, what keeps you going?

  • What does it say about you that you’re here today?

  • What qualities in people within this work do you most respect?

  • If you could spend a day with the person you most admired within this work what would that

  • day look like?

  • Are there times when you’re able to fight bad days better than you are other days?

  • In moments of stress what qualities that you have are most helpful?

  • If you were to write a superhero story about your work six months from now how would it read? What would you do and who would it involve? What would be the climax? How does your story end?

Bob Pemberton