You’ve dedicated your life to helping others. We want to partner with you, with an EHR built for behavioral health agencies in Arizona.

PSNet Features


Quick & Easy
We help you make your limited time go farther with an interconnected system. Whatever information you need, find it in mere moments!



Interconnected Profiles


All your families and individuals, in one location, easily retrieved.

When you are supporting someone struggling with life, their profile can guide you in how to help them. The quicker you access their history and support plan, the sooner you can provide life-changing care. PSNet gives you all the information you need when you need it most.

Quick access profile features include:

  • Crisis response information

  • Past progress notes

  • Key contacts

  • Consents

  • Assessments

  • Support plans

  • Critical documents and notes



Detailed Progress Note

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A robust note, linked to goals and support plans, that help you guide each individual to live the life they deserve.

Your note needs to meet both your contract's needs and support your work with each family and individual. It depends on enough complexity to capture every detail of every session. Your notes also need to be easy-to-use, so each front-line and behavioral health person is comfortable using them. PSNet simplifies the process of writing notes, for everyone.

Robust progress notes include:

  • General information about each session, the front-line staff and the individuals involved

  • Specific details about activities and support methods to meet the individual's needs and goals

  • Each note connects to the individual's profile and support plans, tailored to his or her specific needs

  • Every minute tracked in the note is also connected to your staff's timecards, contributing to more successful audits




Supervision & Time Tracking

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Handle the business and compliance side of your agency without breaking the bank!

Your front-line employees track their time as they write notes and support each family and individual. Your supervisors monitor progress towards compliance with your contract. Everyone wants to show auditors return on their funding investment.

PSNet's supervision and time-tracking features include:

  • View all timesheets at a glance, including draft, pending, approved, and rejected notes

  • Track your hours at the same time you write notes, assessments, and support plans

  • Record detailed notes and time for supervisory meetings

  • Unambiguous notifications for employees with late time sheets



Flexible Document Library

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There is a lot of paperwork and documents related to your behavioral health agency. Store them all in one, secure, easy-to-access place!

Google Docs. Excel spreadsheets. PDF Files. Keynote presentations. Quick notes. There's a mountain of paperwork you create, read through, and store every day. You might use Dropbox, Google Drive, or local file servers to store everything. You need one, secure place to store and collaborate on every type of file you want to use. PSNet’s document library is integrated with the rest of your work and notes in the same electronic health record.

PSNet's powerful Document Library features:

  • Store every type of file in one spot

  • Filter and sort documents

  • Robust search feature to find what you need, right now

  • Easy, drag-and-drop file uploads, to get you back to work fast



Event Management

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A simple and quick way to plan, manage, and host events supporting your families.

You didn't get into social work to host events. But, gatherings and activities play a critical role in helping our families and our staff improve. Create events, manage RSVPs, and plan experiences to support your efforts in the home, communities, and office.

PSNet's event management system features:

  • Quickly create events to support your agency's goals

  • Collect RSVPs and track interest and involvement in each event

  • View your agency's event calendar, with as much or as little detail as you want