Simplify your behavioral health business

Why use multiple software systems to manage the different aspects of your behavioral health business, when you could pull it all together with the Net: PSNet


More Than an EHR

PSNet is more than an intuitive, user-friendly EHR system, because there is more that goes into running a behavioral health business than medical records.


Integrate employee records and Human Resource processes with clinical documentation.


Spend more time providing services by entering information into just one system.

3-Connection and Comm-100.jpg

Help your staff employees stay connected to your agency and
each other.

5-supv. and mgmt-100.jpg

Provide tools for leadership to manage both the clinical work and employee performance.


What makes PSNet’s EHR so user-friendly?

PSNet was created by a behavioral health agency, involving clinicians every step of the way.  After all, who would know better what the process of completing documentation should be than the people providing the services?

Over the last 10 years, PSNet has made ongoing enhancements based on user feedback, while continuing to ensure that compliance requirements are met.