All your data in one system

PSNet was created because there wasn’t a system that met all your agency’s needs. Now, information entered once can be used across your agency’s departments.


An EHR, and so much more

PSNet is more than just an intuitive, user-friendly EHR system, because there is more that goes into running a behavioral health business than medical records.


Electronic Health Record

  • Comprehensive assessment documents and consent forms that can be modified to meet your agency’s needs

  • Progress notes that include methods and objectives directly from the service plan

  • Medication management documentation, including a sortable medication history, lab review documentation, evaluations and progress notes

  • Scanned document section where any documents received by the agency can be stored

  • Electronic signature functionality that can be added to any document



Human Resources

  • Employee demographics, contact information, and employment details

  • Reports to compile data for deliverables as well as payroll

  • Scanned document section to store any supporting documentation required, such as licenses, training documentation, tax information, etc.

  • Ability to manage employee access to certain parts of the system and particular functions within the system (ex: only users who should have access to the HR portion of the system have access)

  • Manage the employee information that is accessible in other parts of the system


3-Connection and Comm-100.jpg

Connection & Communication

  • Company News: postings that display on the dashboard communicate important information to your employees

  • Employee Directory: basic contact information so employees can contact each other as needed

  • Event Calendar: post trainings and events that you want your employees to be aware of, and manage RSVPs to these events

  • Document Library: documents that employees may need access as part of their employment with your agency

  • Team Roles: within the electronic health records, team members can easily see who plays specific roles for that individual or family



System Interconnectivity

  • Time entries that are added by an employee, whether it be progress notes or other work times, automatically populate to their timesheet

  • Capability to carry information forward from one document to another in the EHR

  • Easy to update diagnosis information that populates to other documents and billing data

  • Billing data includes relevant information from progress notes, HR, and clinical profiles

  • Supervisor access to the data entered by employees


5-supv. and mgmt-100.jpg

Supervision & Management

  • Reports available to assist leadership with monitoring service delivery, efficiency, and performance

  • Supervision form accessible to both the employee and supervisor and accessible in the HR record once complete

  • Documentation approval queues for clinical documentation requiring review

  • “Visits and Services” tool provides multiple ways for leadership to review documentation for specific enrolled individuals, employees, service codes, etc.

  • Access to review progress notes, timesheets, and other documentation for any employee under that supervisor within the hierarchy